Sunpac InverPro Plus SP481100MXT- 48V 11KW Inverter


Sunpac InverPro Plus SP48800MXT- 48V11KW Inverter.

Approx. Shipping Dimensions:
Length(mm): 560
Width(mm): 440
Height(mm): 150
Weight (Kg): 19

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Sunpac 11KW Inverter.

Sunpac InverPro Plus SP48800MXT- 48V11 kw. Approx. Shipping Dimensions:
Length(mm): 560
Width(mm): 440
Height(mm): 150
Weight (Kg): 19

• Sunpac 11KW Inverter has Dual Outputs for smart load management:
There are two outputs available. The second output can be
scheduled on/off, setting cut-off voltage or SOC and discharging
time via LCD setting. It also facilitates users smart load control
• Moreover, Maximum PV input current increases to 27 A:
It should be noted that SUNPAC InverPro is compatible to the market trend of increased lmp in solar panel due to its 27A PV input current.
• In addition, it has wide PV input voltage range 90VDC ~ 450VDC:
Now, SUNPAC InverPro allows wide PV input voltage range
from 90VDC to 450VDC. Hence, This features allow less solar panel required in the system and save space.

• Also, it includes detachable LCD control module with various
This detachable LCD control module is switchable to remote panel. Hence, Users can always install the LCD panel in accessible area away from inverter up to almost 20 meters.

• Furthermore, it has Built-in WiFi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS)
InverPro Plus series is integrated WiFi interface always ready for mobile monitoring. In addition, this technology allows wireless communication as long as you have internet connection. Now, WatchPower App is available in google store.

• It also Supports USB On-the-Go function

InverPro Plus series supports USB On-the-Go function to facilitate data upload/download.

•Battery equalization extends lifecycle

In addition, this inverter charger is built in battery equalization function. Thus, this function will help remove sulfation to optimize battery performance and even extend lifecycle.

• Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS
or RS-232) for BMS
Moreover, this third generation inverter is reserved communication port for BMS. For the detailed information, you can always contact sales directly.

• Battery independency
Inverter can keep supplying power to the loads from PV energy or the grid without battery connected.

To know more about Sunpac inverters, you can always visit Ghaddar Alternative Energy website:

Moreover, for online purchase, you can always visit our online shop:



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Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 56 × 44 × 15 cm

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