Kubota 09318-88155 Clamp Hose


Kubota Genuine Part- Kubota Clamp Hose of Part No. 09318-88155 is Compatible with a Range of Diesel Engine Lines (D1703-E2BG ) Approx.
Shipping Dimensions: Length(mm):20 -Width(mm):20 -Height(mm):15 -Weight(Kg): Na
-Always Use Genuine Parts to Protect Your Engine

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Kubota Genuine Part- Kubota Clamp Hose of Part No. 09318-88155

-is Compatible with a Range of Diesel Engine Lines D1703-E2BG

-Approximate Shipping Dimensions:

-Length(mm):20 -Width(mm):20

-Always Use Genuine Parts to Protect Your Engine.

The Category:

Kubota 09318-88155 Clamp Hose belongs to the category of: Lubricating System. Hoses are the essential to the engine. Moreover, Hose material, Diameter , as well as other hose specifications can always optimize engine performance in all aspects of work. In addition, Hoses are part of cooling system and are designed to withstand pressure without default. Using Genuine Part is always important to the proper functioning of the engine. Always Buy Genuine Parts.

The Brand: 

As for the Engine Brand: Kubota engines are highly durable engines with proven long engine life. Hence, a comprehensive range of parts per engine series is available for Kubota engines series. Thus, always compare your engine type with “Engine Compatibility” information available per part. Evidently, All displayed parts are genuine Kubota Parts.

Always view complete collection of Kubota parts through: https://shop.ghaddar.com/product-category/kubota-engines-parts/.

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The Company:

Ghaddar Machinery Co. operates in the field of Electrical Power Generating Sets, Green and Hybrid Power Solutions, Sound attenuation. In addition to all types of Power control and automation systems. Moreover, The company holds distributorship and OEM agreements with world leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial diesel engines and industrial alternators.

Kubota Engines Japan.
John Deere Engines USA.
Cummins G-drive Engines USA.
Leroy Somer Alternators France.

Since 1980, Ghaddar Machinery Co. is a major supplier of engines and alternators and complete Generating Sets. they range from 9 to 4000 kVA. This in addition to Diesel Engine Based Power Solutions. The company holds the biggest stock of engines and alternators in the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, the company has 5 branches across the MENA region as well as a widespread network of overseas power dealers covering Middle East, Near East, Africa, Europe in addition to South America.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1.5 cm
Engine Compatibility

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