What is the shop.ghaddar?
shop.ghaddar is an online store that sells Only Genuine engine parts for industrial diesel engines for the brands: John Deere, Kubota, Cummins, Perkins, as well as Deep sea electronics and Controllers and Leroy Somer alternator Parts.

How do I find part numbers for parts on my engine?
To locate the part, you need for your engine, you need the part number. Each Engine Model has a set of engine parts, and each engine part has a unique part number PN. For example: Engine model John Deere (Model:4045HF158) has an oil Filter of part number (RE59754), a starter of part number (RE540301), etc…

The part Number can be found:

  • Engraved or printed on the part itself
  • In the Engine Manual Where you can find the build-list for the engine
  • You can ask your OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) to provide you the parts list corresponding to your engine.
  • If you filter the online-shop by engine Model, you will find Parts Sorted/ Filtered by Engine Model

Where can I locate the Engine Model on my Engine?
The engine model is located on the engine’s data plate. If you have a hard copy of an owner’s manual review the section titled “Engine Model” this section will detail how to locate your engine’s data plate as well as the Engine Model and Engine Serial Number. You can also consult your OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer)

Why should I buy genuine parts?
The difference between a Genuine Part and a non-genuine part isn’t always easy to see. The potential cost factors rise in direct proportion to the size of the engine and the loss of equipment efficiency. Genuine Parts provide unmatched quality to ensure that your operation keeps running in a world that’s always on. Always Buy Genuine Parts to Protect your engine from inside out and to prolong the engine Lifetime and maximize its performance.

How do I place my order?
To place an order:
1. Finish adding items to your shopping cart.
2. If you have a valid discount coupon code, you may enter it in the “Coupon Code” field located at the center of the screen. Be sure to click on the “Apply Coupon” button in order to have your discount calculated and applied to your order.
3. Please process through clicking on the “Proceed to Checkout” blue button located on the right bottom side of the screen.
4. You will be transferred to our Customer Information page. You will be prompted to enter:
Billing Details
Shipping Details (If Shipping to a different address than the Billing Details)
Please make sure you have input the delivery address correctly (if different from your billing address.) Once everything is completed, click on “Continue on to Payment Method”
5. You will need to enter in your payment details. You will have the option of indicating that the shipping and billing details are the same, if applicable.
6. Once you have completed the form, click on the “Complete Order” button. You will be brought to a screen that provides an order summary together with an on-screen order confirmation, as well as a second confirmation via e-mail.
7. Should you encounter any difficulties during the checkout process, please feel free to contact our customer service department by sending us an email at eshop@ghaddar.com.

What if there are items missing or incorrect products when I receive my order?
For missing or wrongly shipped items, please contact us at eshop@ghaddar.com. Please quote your transaction reference number (Order #) and provide us with a proof (image file size should be below 1MB). We will be more than happy to recollect the wrong item and reship the correct one at no extra cost.

How do I know that my order has been successfully submitted?
You will receive an email confirmation containing the Order Number and details of your purchase.

I would like to change my items ordered. What should I do?
Amending your order is allowed on or before 11:00 PM (9:00 PM GMT) on the same day from the order being placed. You may contact us via eshop@ghaddar.com to request for change.

How do I add items to my cart?
To add items to your cart:
1. Navigate to the page of the item you are interested in and then choose your preferences of the item. When you click the “Add to Cart” button, you will be brought to your “Shopping cart” page.
2. Enter the quantity of the item that you would like to order using the “Quantity:” field next to the image of the item. After you have entered a quantity, you can continue shopping or choose to complete your order.

How do I view what’s in my shopping cart?
To view the contents of your cart, click on the Cart icon located on the top of the website page. Once you click on this icon, you can easily change the quantity you want to purchase of any item in your cart by updating the quantity listed the clicking on the Update Cart box. You can also delete any item in your cart by clicking on the x shown before the product.

How do I remove items from my cart?
First, click on the “Cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart. Once you have identified the item that you would like to delete, click on the x shown before the product. This will automatically remove the item and refresh the page showing your changes reflected.

How do I change the quantity of a particular item in my cart?
First, click on the “Cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart as well as the quantities that you have chosen for each item. To change the quantity of an item in your cart, move your cursor to the “Quantity” field for this item and type in the quantity desired and then click on the Update Cart button. Please make sure that the added quantity exists in stock otherwise the system won’t be able to increase the quantity. Once you do this, the quantity and associated dollar amount (if applicable) will be automatically updated and reflect the correct amount for both the quantity and the cost located ar the right bottom side of your screen.

What are the recommended browsers for this site?
Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer

What are your payment options?
We accept four types of major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

How do I use a discount code?
To use a promotional code, please follow these steps:
1. After adding your product to Cart, if you choose “View Card”, The Box for adding the Discount Coupon Code will be available in the middle of the screen. Should you choose to go straight to “Checkout”, you will find a message at the top of the page Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code a coupon code box will appear where you can add your coupon code and then click on apply coupon.
2. You will see a “Discount” field added to the price calculation breakdown on the right side of the screen.
3. You need to verify if the discount has been applied and is valid by seeing it applied within the price calculation breakdown.

What is your return & exchange policy?
Occasionally, a part may need to be returned for various reasons (incompatibility, etc…) we are happy to accommodate customer’s request. Conditions apply to return these parts:
1. All parts returns must be accompanied by a proof of purchase from the eshop, a picture of the part and a brief description about the reason of return must be sent to eshop@ghaddar.com.
2. Parts under $20.00 are not returnable.
3. Any part that has been removed after being tampered with, installed or is pitted, rusted, or corroded, causing it to be unacceptable as a new part, is not returnable.
4. Parts must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
5. Parts returned after 30 days are not returnable.
6. Once a part has been returned, a credit note will be issued to reverse the payment done.
7. Purchases by cash or check refunded by check.
8. Credit Card purchases will be credited back to the same card used for purchase

How to return your item?
You may contact us at our support channel eshop@ghaddar.com for more information.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation of order is allowed on or before 11:00 PM (9:00 PM GMT) on the same day. After that time, cancellation will no longer be entertained. You may contact us via eshopt@ghaddar.com to request for cancellation.

Is ordering online secure?
Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order through our online store (or through any other means). The server that hosts our store encrypts the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
To ensure a safe payment procedure, our website uses credit card processor from a reliable and secure internet payment gateway, keeping all data encrypted.

Is my personal information kept private?
Any information that you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent, except as required by law.